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Next Training: April 30th @ 9AM Beautiful People Daniel Fratto Memorial Field of Dreams

The mission of Beautiful People is realized primarily through the work of volunteers.

Here’s how you can participate:

Player “buddies”
Buddies are age 12+. You are paired with a player, and assist the player during the game. You help them hit, round the bases, and field. Buddies are able-bodied peers from the community and families of players. You do not need prior sports experience, but it very helpful. As a buddy, you are enabling your peer to play. Volunteer time needed – just a few hours the day of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Experienced Team Coaches/Pitchers/Catchers
As a team coach, you insure an environment of fun and participation for your team and communicate with your team mid-week to confirm attendance. Your goals are Safety and FUN. Arrive early to each game day. Plan and conduct skill drills as your team members arrive on the field. Promote Team Sponsor. Experienced pitchers and catchers are needed for baseball. Volunteer time needed – just a few hours the day of the game.

Team Coordinators
Arrive early to host sign-in table and distribute team shirts. Note each athlete’s shirt number for the Coaches’ clipboards, and for the Announcer’s clipboard. Give the attention needed to new parents so they feel welcomed and informed. Receive registrations and check for clarity and completion; receive registration fees/donations. Cheer and encourage the athletes’ and their buddies. Repack Team bin neatly, and turn sign-in sheets. Volunteer time needed—1/2 hour before games until end of game. What a difference you’ll make!

Buddy Leader’s Assistants
The day of the game, you’ll help the Buddy Leader at the sign-in table; check registration for clarity and completion, help to fit a volunteer shirt for them and to gather the buddies and assign each to a athlete. Volunteer time needed – just a few hours the day of the game. Arrive early for each session.

Experienced PA Announcers
Help us to provide that mainstream experience by announcing players and their numbers, and urging the crowd to join in celebrating their participation. You will also be announcing upcoming events, acknowledging birthdays, etc.

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Our volunteers are asked to wear Beautiful People t-shirts. One will be provided, or if you choose to make a $10 donation it will be appreciated when you sign in on game day, or Pay Now.


Other questions/concerns:
Contact Katie O’Leary, Program Coordinator at katie@beautiful-people.us
Call Mary, Executive Director at 845-986-5944 or email her at mary@beautiful-people.us

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