Beautiful People Champions Circle

Beautiful People Champions Circle is an initiative that offers donors a simple way to provide valuable, consistent support on a recurring monthly basis, allowing Beautiful People to thoughtfully invest in programming and keep our focus on running engaging activities for our athletes. 

Beautiful People welcomes any athlete with a disability, regardless of family income. 

The support of generous donors like you is what allows us to meet the needs of all of our athletes, and Champions Circle represents those in the community who have committed to ongoing, sustainable support.

A monthly gift committed on or before December 31, 2020 will receive a gift of thanks based on the level of giving.

A $100 monthly gift will receive a Beautiful People hoodie, shirt & hat.

A $50 monthly gift will receive a Beautiful People shirt & hat.

A $25 monthly gift will receive a Beautiful People shirt.

A $10 monthly gift will receive a Beautiful People hat. 

Please consider joining Beautiful People’s Champions Circle today. 

Thank you to our Beautiful People Champions!

Holly Borzacchiello
Hayley Coriaty
Chris Garr
Heidi Glass
Keith Porsch
Lori Smith
Mary Williams
Jeremy Zweig
Joseph Pezzello
Gene De Libero
Daniel Walsh

Joanna Tower
Megan Raiano
Jenn & Rich DiConstanzo
Kenneth Epstein
Samantha Wallack
Michelle and Joe Zweig
Shannon Cilento
Pat and Jim Lawler
Leane Goff
Michele Bergsohn

Ken Bento
Regina McKeon
Marie and Brian O’Neill

Raymond Martinez

Donations Make It All Happen!

Make a one-time or recurring donation of any size:

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Donations by mail should be payable to “You Are Beautiful People” and mailed to:

Beautiful People
45 St. John St.
Goshen, NY 10924

Questions? Email Executive Director, Mary Williams, at or call 845-986-5944